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FAQs About Secure Auto Shipping

Q: Does your company appreciate how important my car is to me and to my family?

A: We at A to Z Auto Shipping recognize that your vehicle is one of your most prized possessions and an item of value to be respected at all times. We understand that your vehicle is an integral part of your life and the time it is unavailable to you must be minimized. We assure you, your vehicle will be transported in the most professional, safe, efficient, and expeditious manner possible.

Q: How exactly is my car transported?

A: Our transportation service is extremely simple. On the scheduled day for shipping your vehicle, it will be picked up at your door or as close as the truck can physically get. In many instances, because of narrow streets, cul-de-sacs, steep inclines, low hanging overhead wires, trees, or local government regulations, the carrier truck will be unable to come directly to your home, so the vehicles to be transported must come to the truck.

Once your vehicle is carefully loaded and secured in place on the truck, an experienced professional driver will transport it and several other vehicles to their destinations. Along the way, vehicles are off-loaded at their respective destinations and new vehicles loaded.

At its destination, your vehicle will be carefully off-loaded at your door, or for the reasons cited above at a mutually agreeable predetermined location. At that time we ask that you, or your designated representative, inspect the vehicle and accept delivery. Overall, it is simple, safe, and virtually effortless.

Q: What if I am not available to accept the delivery of my vehicle?

A: If you will be unavailable to accept delivery of your vehicle, we ask that you make arrangements with a relative, friend, or neighbor to be available on the delivery date. Please notify A to Z Auto Shipping as soon as possible with the name and contact telephone numbers of the person you have appointed. This person will need to work with the car carrier driver to schedule the actual drop off time and place and to inspect and sign for the acceptance of the vehicle.

If it is impossible to make arrangements with another person to perform this function, the vehicle will be dropped off and stored in a secure terminal facility for your pickup. Daily fees are applicable for storage at the terminal, so we do urge that every effort be made to arrange the vehicle delivery before that option becomes necessary.

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